You are finally experiencing the best time of your life now that you are pregnant. Congratulations, lovely! You must be nervous now with all the stuff, but make sure not to get carried away. Therefore, booking your first prenatal appointment is essential right after finding out about your pregnancy.

You must select a healthcare provider for those beautiful nine months. Make sure to go for a final option after researching. After choosing a healthcare provider, you must book your first prenatal appointment. The provider will book a meeting 6 to 8 weeks ahead of your first day of pregnancy.

As the days pass, you will start to have expectations for your first prenatal appointment, and numerous questions will cloud your mind. Try to write all those questions on paper so you remember to ask the provider on a primary day. Besides that, you’ll be going through a series of tests and long discussions so prepare in advance.

Learn About Your Family’s Medical History Before Your First Prenatal Appointment

Before you get to your first prenatal visit day, make sure to learn about your family’s medical history. You should know about any genetic or chromosomal disorders in your family to promote safe delivery. Your OB/GYN will ask you these questions to better understand your health condition so remember to research and answer appropriately. 

They will ask you about any drug allergies you experience. If you have any disease, discuss it with the doctor so that they can determine whether it can risk the baby. They will also ask about the last date of your period, how long your menstrual cycle lasts, previous pregnancies, and hospitalizations. These questions can make you anxious but try to remain calm and answer clearly.

It would help if you had great expectations for your first prenatal appointment, as you’ll be going through a series of tests and discussions with your OB/GYN regarding your physical and mental health. 

  • Expect a Physical Checkup

Your OB/GYN will do a thorough physical checkup, including your height and weight. The checkup will also include a round of checking your blood pressure, heart rate, and respiration level and an examination of your abdomen to look for any signs of change in health.

  • A Blood Test

You’ll also be ordered a blood test to examine your blood type and Rh status and to look for anemia. The blood test will also determine immunity to chicken pox and rubella. The OB/GYN will also be able to check for sexually transmitted diseases, Hepatitis B, and more.

  • A Urine Test

The OB/GYN will also take a urine test to confirm pregnancy. They will also use the sample to look for any urinary tract infections.

Doctor and patient in the middle of a physical exam

Question and Answer Session

Among all other things, during your first prenatal visit, you’ll also have a one-on-one question and answer session where the OB/GYN will discuss all the risks and concerns you can face during pregnancy. They will also determine your expected delivery date based on your last day of the period so make sure to keep that in mind.

The OB/GYN will also recommend supplements to keep you healthy during that period. They will advise you to take a specific dosage of iron and folic acid as it is needed in extra amounts during pregnancy. They will also discuss the dos and don’t during pregnancy with you and recommend a proper diet.

Now you can ask the questions that have kept you up during the night. Ask about what should be avoided during this period and how you can make it a healthy delivery. The OB/GYN will also discuss drinking, smoking, and the usage of drugs.

Tips For You Before Going To Your First Prenatal Appointment

What you can do to have a productive appointment with the provider:

  • Learn about the basics of the first prenatal visit and mentally prepare yourself.
  • Avoid getting depressed, as it can affect your health.
  • Take care of your diet.
  • Make sure to attend all the appointments.
  • Avoid traveling as much as you can.
  • Rest and engage in not-so-tiring activities.

Closing Statement

The news of your pregnancy and expectations for your first prenatal appointment can overwhelm you, but researching beforehand can make up for it. Make sure to follow your OB/GYN’s advice and act accordingly. Rest a lot and avoid engaging in activities that require heavy-duty work. Avoid the use of sharp tools. Maintain your mental condition and stay relaxed the entire time to prevent any danger. Stay calm and have a smooth first prenatal visit.